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Why pay for a Lada when you can have a Bentley for the same price?

Something that still amazes me is that many Solicitors are paying Grade D rates to their Costs Negotiators, and are probably getting poor settlements without knowing it, as they are relying on the advice given by someone who generally has very little experience and just want to hit target.

They have generally never been to Detailed Assessment so do not know what that Court are likely to do on a case so how can that advice be relied upon?

Would you instruct a Family Barrister to provide advice on quantum?

I can tell you that in many firms you generally have someone Senior and then lots of Junior staff. The Senior generally deals with the big cases so does not have time to review all the offers made so you may not be getting the right advice on the smaller cases.

I personally deal with every case and have no target as it is my firm, I keep a small caseload so can deliver quality and speed every time (including interim payments) and ensure the most is recovered on every case.

I am an experienced Costs Advocate having attended over 150 Assessments and have 20 years of costs experience. I also spoke to the Law Society Conference on the subject.

I also ran a caseload of 350 files before that so unlike most costs firms I have the knowledge of what actually goes into a case.

You may think there will be a catch and you will have to pay more for the quality I deliver but you do not, I also charge D rates so why would you not instruct me?

Call me 07580 439977 or message me here.

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