Compare the Costs Draftsman.Com

These days there seems to be a comparison website for almost everything, it is a pity there is not one for Costs Firms as this would really open your eyes. Some firms charge a fortune (I have seen these first hand) and some charge a tiny amount but that reflects in your settlement. In life you do pay for what you get within reason of course. Also most costs firms set targets for settlements so the pressure is on that negotiator to hit target but that is not always best for the Client.

Having my own firm I have no targets and will push for every penny if that means all the way to Assessment then fine as I will secure an interim payment anyway. Also I am not employing dozens of people so do not have to worry about the overheads that means my charges are always reasonable.

So you get someone with 20 years experience in Costs who has acted for both the Claimant and Defendant and has over 150 Detailed Assessments behind me. I also spoke at the recent Law Society Conference on costs so you are in good hands.

Happy to provide costs training, I will do your budgets on a no win no fee basis and I have a free secure courier so all you have to do is pick up the phone 07580 439977 or message me on here and see the difference I make to your profit costs.

Thanks for reading.